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I’m not sure how it’s April 2022, but here we are.

It’s been an interesting ride, folks – and I suspect we’ve barely gotten started.

Not gonna lie; day-to-day is pretty rough for me – and for most of us, if I had to guess. The future isn’t looking super hot at the moment. It’s just one existential-level crisis after another. LOL

HOWEVER, we do not go gently, do we?! While it’s occasionally tempting to give in and just be fatalistic about it all, that’s… not how we roll. It’s not how I roll, at least. I think, and I strategize, and I build community, and we FIGHT for the future we want to see.

At the moment, that fight in my corner of the world looks like:

  • taking care of way too many people
  • turning our yard and the neighbors’ yards into shared garden space
  • building out the intrastructure in our new home to weather climate crises and food insecurity and late-stage capitalism potentially collapsing
  • building community and creating a community hub, including getting more involved with local mutual aid projects and people
  • scaling the soap business up to a whole ‘nother level
  • studying and planning for a massive career shift, however that ends up manifesting
  • really thinking through what I need, and what WE need; on a day-to-day basis and forecasting well into the future

… So, let’s chat. What future can we create together? What is the world we want to see and be a part of? And what can we do NOW, individually and collectively, to make it happen? I know a lot of super smart, talented, creative people.

We’re running out of time and excuses.